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A complete range of construction documentation services

Barton Solutions offers a Gibraltar-based construction documentation service that captures the full narrative of a development project from design to post-construction. Employing a range of techniques such as timelapse photography, drone footage, on-site construction shots, 'story' shots, and 3D visualisation, we work closely with developers to craft a narrative that aligns with their vision. Our service not only documents but also tells the story of your project, promoting your company's image and the development's posterity.

How we capture your project

Timelapse Photography

Capturing a series of photos at regular intervals, compiled into a video to rapidly showcase the project’s progress. It includes daily update photos and monthly timelapse compilations, keeping stakeholders informed on progress.

Drone Footage

High-quality aerial views for progress documentation and captivating videography, integral to the creation of the final narrative story video.

On-site Videography

Capturing key construction phases on-site. This footage is essential for creating the final video, which vividly showcases the project’s development and significant milestones.

‘Story’ Shots

Interviews with key stakeholders, like architects, developers, and the public, adding depth and perspective to the narrative of the final ‘story’ video.

3D Visualisation

An added service that integrates 3D assets into the final video, aiding in explaining complex technical processes to the public in an understandable format.

Video Editing

Combining all acquired footage to craft a video that aligns with the customer’s desired narrative for their construction story.