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3D Modelling and Cinematography with our Drone Service

Utilise our drone technology in Gibraltar for Photogrammetry, Orthomosaics, and Videography. We transform aerial data into precise 3D models and cinematic visuals, enhancing your projects with detail and accuracy. Our drone is top-of-the-line, and we use the latest techniques in lighting and aerial cinematography to ensure the best quality output.

DJI Mavic

3 Pro Cine

Aerial work = Complete

Barton Solutions provides aerial capabilities with the DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine, featuring advanced imaging capabilities and robust flight performance.


  • 24mm Main Camera
  • 70mm & 166mm Additional Cameras
  • 5.1K & Slow Motion Video
  • Apple ProRes Supported

Capturing Gibraltar

From your angle

Gibraltar’s integrated drone service


Drone-based photogrammetry to capture high-resolution aerial images for creating accurate 3D models and maps, essential for industries like construction, archaeology, and land surveying.


Stitching together numerous high-resolution drone photographs to create a single, detailed, and accurate aerial view, invaluable for mapping, planning, and surveying applications.

4K+ Videography

4K+ videography services, harnessing the power of high-resolution drones to deliver stunning, ultra-high-definition aerial footage, ideal for cinematic productions, commercial advertising, and high-quality visual presentations.

Drone Footage Examples

Eastside 0:19

A short selection of footage captured during a drone operation at Catalan Bay and the Eastside. Telephoto lenses were utilised to obtain close-ups of building sites.

Danza Academy 0:16

A sample of 34+ GB of indoor drone footage filmed for a leading Gibraltar dance school.

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