3D Scanning

BFA Estate Agents

Residential 3D Scanning. Exhibiting property for a local estate agency to the highest level.

Same day turnaround for a fast paced market

A partnership with a local estate agency to market their properties

Our partnership with BFA, a local estate agency in Gibraltar, focusing on integrating 3D scanning into their property listings. This collaboration is dedicated to providing potential buyers and tenants with virtual tours of various properties in BFA’s portfolio. The process involves detailed 3D scanning of different types of properties. Each property is scanned to capture every detail of the interiors and exteriors, such as living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, and balconies. The aim is to create realistic 3D models that offer a comprehensive view of each property, showcasing its features and layout.

This partnership marks a significant step in enhancing the property viewing experience in Gibraltar’s real estate market. By incorporating 3D scanning into BFA’s offerings, we are streamlining the decision-making process for clients, allowing them to explore properties virtually at their convenience. This technology not only increases engagement with the properties but also positions BFA as a forward-thinking agency in real estate. Additionally, the 3D models serve as useful tools for space planning and interior design, providing a clear picture of the possibilities each property holds. Our collaboration is focused on delivering innovative and practical solutions in real estate, promoting the use of technology to improve customer experience and service quality.

3D Scanning Characteristics

  • Indoor Scanning
  • Outdoor Scanning
  • Residential Environment
  • Premium Marketing