Drone Videography

Danza Academy

Indoor drone videography. Assisting a leading Gibraltar dance school to capture their talent.

34GB of Video Data

Capturing Danza Academy's dance in indoor 4K drone footage

Barton Solutions was approached by Danza Academy, a prominent dance school in Gibraltar, at last minute for assistance in a project. The school needed high-quality 4K drone footage for their Christmas dance performance, which was to be broadcast on GBC Open Day. The challenge was to record this footage indoors, at the Central Hall in Gibraltar. Indoor drone filming is complex due to space limitations and the risk of interference, but our training and planning allowed us to overcome these obstacles. We successfully captured extensive footage, to be used by Danza Academy for their social media and marketing activities.

The filming took around two hours, during which we maximised the use of our drone’s batteries to cover the event thoroughly. The performance included a variety of dance routines, each demanding a different filming approach. We made sure to capture multiple angles, filming from both in front of and behind the performers. This strategy ensured we collected a comprehensive range of shots, capturing the energy and skill of the dancers. This project showcases Barton Solutions’ ability to deliver tailored drone services in challenging situations, meeting the specific needs of our clients.

Safety is our priority

To ensure the safety of our drone operations, we avoided overhead flights and maintained a safe distance from walls and other obstacles. We constantly monitored the drone to prevent any potential collisions, especially staying below the ceiling beams to avoid accidental contact. Additionally, we landed the drone when not filming to minimise flight time and further reduce risks, prioritising safety throughout the project.

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