3D Scanning

Nun’s Well

Scanning a key historical site for the Ministry for Heritage.

Special lighting required

3D Virtual Tours for Gibraltar Heritage Sites

During our recent project at Nun’s Well, a key heritage site in Gibraltar located in front of the mosque at Europa Point, we encountered a unique lighting environment. This required us to adapt our techniques to maintain high-quality scans. We successfully scanned both the top picnic area and the well itself. The challenging conditions, including traversing through the dark waters of Nun’s Well, necessitated the use of heavy-duty boots to ensure safety and accuracy.

Our 3D scanning service offers unparalleled precision and adaptability, making it ideal for challenging environments like Nun’s Well. Through the use of our new lighting system, we capture detailed and accurate scans, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards. Whether it is for heritage documentation, real estate viewings, or site analysis, our professional team delivers reliable and high-quality results, enhancing your project with precise 3D Virtual Tours.

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