3D Scanning

Bentley Group

Residential scanning for a leading Gibraltar holiday apartment provider.

3 apartments scanned

Virtual tours for several premium short-lets

For this project, we conducted thorough scans of multiple units within Bentley Holiday Apartments’ premises in the WestOne Building. 3D Virtual Tours are highly beneficial for short-term lets and rentals. Our scans beautifully display the high-quality furnishings, even within the limited space of a studio apartment. The versatility of viewing angles, ranging from close-up to wide perspectives, coupled with the immersive 360 panoramic feature of our technology, allows viewers to immerse themselves in the space, presenting significant advantages over traditional photography and videography. Furthermore, our 3D scans offer the advantage of extracting 360 panoramic images directly from the 3D model, enabling easy integration with platforms such as Booking.com, which support the use of such images to enhance property listings.

Barton Solutions Gibraltar welcomes collaboration with any companies interested in creating virtual tours of their residential and commercial spaces. Whether it involves showcasing the aesthetics of a boutique hotel or the layout of a corporate office, our technology guarantees optimal exhibition. We empower businesses to engage their audience effectively and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Other scans from this project

Deluxe Studio

A 33m² deluxe studio within the WestOne building.


A 21.4m² studio within the WestOne building.

About these scans

  • Indoor Scanning
  • Residential Environment
  • Premium Marketing

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