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Signtalk 2000 Ltd

Various services. Recovering their website & email during a major technical outage.

350 leads recovered

Helping Signtalk recover access after a major account shutdown.

When Signtalk first approached Barton Solutions, the company’s needs seemed straightforward enough: they wanted help updating their 3-year outdated website. However, the situation quickly escalated into a crisis when James from our team performed a routine check on their site and discovered it was down. The severity of the situation was compounded by the fact that the owner of Signtalk was on holiday. Upon being informed, he confirmed that not just the website, but their entire online infrastructure including email and Content Management System (CMS), was offline. With no clear reason for this sudden failure, we immediately launched an extensive investigation, exploring whether their hosting subscription had lapsed, if the domain had expired, or if they had fallen victim to hacking.

After eliminating the usual suspects, we traced the root cause to a bug in the Microsoft 365 account set up by Signtalk’s previous technical employee. We collaborated closely with Microsoft’s Data Protection department based in America to solve the issue, ultimately recovering all of Signtalk’s business accounts and restoring normal operations. The alternative—creating new email addresses and a new website—would have led to significant losses for Signtalk, as customers were still trying to contact the old accounts. Our swift action and technical acumen saved the company from enormous potential losses and exemplifies our dedication to client success. This project demonstrates why Barton Solutions is a partner you can trust for professional, timely, and efficient solutions.