3D Design

The Myrmidons

Major project. A narrative-driven episode featuring Achilles and Archie, highlighting skills in character creation, realistic dialogue crafting, and narrative development.

280 hours of work

Achilles and Archie hunt a mind-controlling alien in a project that blends various sci-fi influences.

In a high-stakes mission, Achilles and Archie are sent to hunt down an alien with a mind-controlling flute. Drawing inspiration from Dead Space, Halo, and Predator, the project modernises the ancient tales of Achilles and his Myrmidons. The episode leans into the theme of facing the unknown, particularly through Archie, a less-experienced member of the team who feels like bait in Achilles’ grander plan.

Using Unreal Engine and his own motion capture suit, Jarod focused on creating realistic human interactions, a goal shaped by his military family background. He aimed for dialogue that was authentic, not stilted, to make the characters relatable. The project highlights Jarod’s skills in character creation, motion capture, and narrative writing, offering a gripping story that mixes myth with modern technology and real-world complexities.

3D Design Skills

  • Character Design
  • Cinematic Creation
  • Environment Creation
  • Motion Capture