3D Scanning

Thi Vietnamese

Commercial 3D Scanning. Utilising our technology to fully survey and digitally display a local restaurant.

Our first 3D scanning project

A project to promote a local restaurant through our 3D scanning service

A 3D scanning project was undertaken for a local large restaurant, encompassing both its interior and outdoor spaces. The project’s objective was to generate a comprehensive 3D model that allows potential customers to virtually tour the entire establishment. The scan covered various areas, including the outdoor seating, outdoor bar area, as well as the raised and ground-level interior seating. Additionally, the 3D scan captured the kitchen area and the fridge/freezer room, providing an accurate representation of the entire restaurant for prospective patrons.

Restaurants in Gibraltar can benefit from our 3D scanning services in several practical ways. These scans offer customers a virtual tour, helping them make informed dining choices and increasing engagement. The detailed 3D models aid in efficient space management, improving seating arrangements and traffic flow. Moreover, the technology serves as a valuable marketing tool, enhancing the online presence and attracting a wider clientele.

3D Scanning Characteristics

  • Indoor Scanning
  • Outdoor Scanning
  • Commercial Environment
  • Confined Spaces