3D Design


Major project. An immersive journey through a derelict space station, where a lone character uncovers enigmatic secrets within its gothic-infused corridors.

600 hours of work

Within the shadows of dereliction, the echoes of hopelessness dance amidst gothic architectures, unveiling the mysteries of a forgotten space station.

In Jarod’s second major project, a character embarks on a captivating quest to unravel the enigma shrouding a forsaken space station. Inspired by the evocative artwork of Pascal Blanche and the epic narrative of Dante’s Inferno, the project merges elements from these sources to create a unique and immersive experience. Drawing inspiration from the architectural gothic techniques, such as ribbing, and the atmospheric ambiance found in the acclaimed Dead Space series, Jarod crafts a visually stunning environment that reflects the dark and foreboding atmosphere of the narrative.

The primary objective is to elicit a deep sense of hopelessness, achieved by centering the story on a solitary character, contrasted against the colossal and eerie surroundings. Throughout the 600-hour endeavor, Jarod assumes complete ownership of every aspect, including environment creation, character design, cinematography, production, AI motion capture, and animation, making the project entirely proprietary and showcasing Jarod’s comprehensive skill set. Immerse yourself in this awe-inspiring creation and prepare to embark on a captivating journey into the unknown.

3D Design Skills

  • Character Design
  • Cinematic Creation
  • Environment Creation