3D Design


Major project. Juno the Cyclops navigates a dim space station haunted by an unseen 'shadow horror'.

250 hours of work

Juno the Cyclops navigates a dim space station haunted by an unseen ‘shadow horror’.

In a dim space station, Juno the Cyclops finds himself stalked by an unseen force as he delves into the enigma of the station’s invisible residents. Drawing inspiration from the atmospheric elements of Dead Space and Jarod’s own nightmares, this project aims for an unsettling and suspenseful mood. Alongside this, the story introduces the concept of an ‘unknown enemy,’ or ‘shadow horror,’ guided by the Lovecraftian stories that shaped Jarod’s understanding of horror. The primary objective is deceptively simple: to navigate Juno from one part of the station to another while weaving an engaging narrative around this action.

Completed within a timeframe of approximately 250 hours, Jarod assumes complete control over various aspects of the project. From character and environment design to the intricate details of narrative development, animation, and texturing, each component serves to showcase Jarod’s multifaceted skill set. As you step into this meticulously crafted world, prepare yourself for a compelling and somewhat unnerving journey into the unknown.

3D Design Skills

  • Character Design
  • Cinematic Creation
  • Environment Creation