3D Scanning


Creative 3D Scanning. Exhibiting a local art gallery worldwide.

4K and HDR imagery

3D Scanning for a local art gallery

Barton Solutions was recently engaged to conduct a 3D scanning project for a newly opened art gallery, aiming to showcase its exhibits in unparalleled detail. By utilising 3D scanning technology, we enabled the art pieces to be viewed in the highest quality possible, mirroring the experience of observing them in person. The key to achieving such high fidelity in digital exhibition lies in the incorporation of 4K, High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery into our virtual tours. HDR technology enhances the image quality by dramatically improving the contrast between the brightest and darkest sections, resulting in images that are rich, vibrant, and incredibly detailed. This method not only captures every nuance of the art pieces with astonishing clarity but also faithfully reproduces the colours and textures intended by the artists, thereby providing a more authentic and engaging viewing experience.

The final outcome of our 3D scanning initiative was stunning, transforming the way the gallery’s collections are presented online. Moreover, we plan to perform 3D scans periodically, each time the gallery’s exhibits are refreshed. This approach not only ensures that online visitors have access to the latest displays but also introduces a unique archival feature, allowing users to travel back in time and view previous exhibitions. This historical perspective is another significant benefit of 3D scanning, offering a dynamic way to appreciate the evolution of the gallery’s displays over time. Through this project, we have not just revolutionised the presentation of art in a digital format but have also provided a valuable tool for historical documentation and comparison, enriching the cultural experience for viewers worldwide.

3D Scanning Characteristics

  • Indoor Scanning
  • Commercial Environment
  • Premium Marketing