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Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings

Drone videography. Assisting in wider marketing campaign.

Numerous cinematic techniques

Drone footage captured for TGS marketing campaign

Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings tasked us to capture drone footage for their upcoming marketing campaign, highlighting their vehicles and the visible connection between Gibraltar, Spain and Africa. We recommended various filming locations and finally selected four, handling all logistics such as permits, scheduling according to weather, and coordinating to feature their vehicles in different settings at the required times.

We used the DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine Drone for filming, which allowed us to take shots at various focal ranges and apply cinematic effects, ensuring high-quality footage. This drone footage aimed to add a new dimension our client’s marketing efforts, presenting their vehicles within the surroundings of Gibraltar and the vicinity. Our comprehensive service covered every aspect of the project, from initial planning to the final capture, exemplifying the effectiveness of drone footage for these kinds of requirements.

Safety is our priority

For the flights conducted overland at two of the four locations, the use of the drone parachute was necessary to ensure safety. Additionally, to secure the required permissions for these operations, we engaged in detailed coordination with the Port Authority, Environmental Agency, and Defence Police, ensuring our activities were fully compliant as required by the respective permits.

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