3D Scanning

Hills Properties

Residential 3D Scanning. Exhibiting property for a local estate agency to the highest level.

Delivery of 3D scanning and floor plan

3D Scanning for a premium local property

For our project with Hills Properties, we scanned a three-bedroom flat located in the premium Ragged Staff Wharf development in Gibraltar. This project presented an extra challenge: the creation of a floor plan directly from our 3D data. The property, being larger than the average flat, allowed the power of our 3D scanning technology to be fully showcased in the final results. The technology is exceptionally well-suited for online displays of flats, especially those with remarkable views, such as those seen in this property’s 3D scan.

This project reflects a growing shift in Gibraltar’s real estate market towards embracing 3D scanning technology. The move to 3D technology is not just a leap in technological advancement but also a response to the evolving demands of both property buyers and the market. It demonstrates an understanding of the need for innovative solutions in property visualization and marketing, setting a new standard in real estate showcasing in Gibraltar.

3D Scanning Characteristics

  • Indoor Scanning
  • Residential Environment
  • Premium Marketing