3D Scanning

Little Harvard Nursery

Commercial 3D Scanning. Improving staff efficiency and customer experience.

Highest-quality virtual tour

3D Scanning for a local nursery

In our recent project, we partnered with Little Harvard at Midtown to carry out a 3D scan of their nursery. Little Harvard is a prime candidate for our 3D scanning technology, as it traditionally relied on in-person viewings, consuming staff time that could be better spent on childcare and facility upkeep. By adopting a virtual tour, Little Harvard sets itself apart as the most open and accessible nursery in Gibraltar, enabling parents, including those abroad or researching online, to fully explore the nursery without leaving their homes.

This project is part of a wider trend in Gibraltar’s commercial scene, moving towards an online, information-centric approach. Our 3D scanning technology offers a premium, advanced way to display spaces, surpassing traditional photos and videos. This approach is becoming the new standard for showcasing commercial spaces in Gibraltar.

3D Scanning Characteristics

  • Indoor Scanning
  • Commercial Environment
  • Premium Marketing